Get to Know Us

Marianne (Mimi) Bardsley


Marianne is a Utah Native and an overly happy and smiling caffeinated life form. Legend has it her blood is some form of Organic Kenyan cold press coffee. With an Indian Princess name of “Too Many Running Shoes,” it’s no wonder she found her way to the sport of Triathlon. Marianne is no stranger to running a successful business, she has run one for the past 19 years.                

Marianne has always been active, having her first gym membership at the age of 14. Her first love is weightlifting, and tied for second place with triathlon is her love of running. Marianne has completed over 24 half marathons and one full marathon. She also earned the title of “Ironman” at Ironman Vineman’s race that took place in Windsor, California on July 31st, 2016. She also has several half Ironman races under her belt and numerous Sprint and one Olympic distance races stacked up. She is also very active in her local triathlon clubs. Why Mimi? When her nephew was around 1 ½, he couldn’t fully say her name. Instead of “Marianne,” he would say, “Mimianne.” One day he just flat-out called her “Mimi.” And it stuck. All of her nieces and nephews now call her “Mimi!” So now to us, she is the “Mimi” to our Meg! When she is not working, running on the rubber belt to nowhere, slapping the pool water or spinning her pedals in one place, she is eating, chasing her 3 children, entertaining her husband of 20 years or doing laundry. Such a glamorous life, HA!


Meagen (Meg) Johnson

Meg is a Utah Native, flip-flop wearer, true crime nerd, triathlete and connoisseur of sugar cookies. She is a sought-after marketing strategist for more than 22 years, and her vast business experience makes her a veritable Swiss army knife of business know-how, innovation, and creativity.

From her track and basketball days in high school, Meg was always the jock. (Though her mom desperately tried to get her to dance.) She has completed too many races to count consisting of half marathons, marathons, century rides, Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman triathlon distances, with some age group podiums smattered in there as well. No full Ironman yet, it was a toss-up between training for a full Ironman or getting her Executive MBA. The EMBA won, but a full Ironman is on the horizon. She’s active in her local triathlon club and serves on the TriEqual leadership team representing action and advocacy for gender equality in the sport of triathlon.  Meg has a mutant power of lyric recall, constantly impressing her husband with this useless but awesome power. Also, she loves old musicals that your grandparents loved and creating strange phrases such as “clogs untoilet.” Meg loves travel adventures with her husband and publicly embarrassing her two teenage daughters with her interpretive dance moves.